Fully Climate and Humidity Controlled Units

Keep your personal ItemsSafe & Secure

Consistent Temerature

Don't worry about humidity and temperature changes. Our units keep a consistent temperature and are all humidity controlled.

Key Access

Our Units have Key access so you can get to your items at your convenience. Office Hours are Monday - Friday, 8AM-4PM.

Keep Items Safe

Our controlled environment keeps valuable antiques, personal or business related items safe from the elements.

Security Cameras

Throughout the facility we have several security cameras set up so that your personal items are watched from all angles.

Climate Controlbenefits

Our Climate Control facility maintains a steady temperature of 60-76 degrees and humidity below 50% using central air conditioning, heat and dehumidifier.

Climate-controlled storage units provide the perfect solution for storing your personal or business related items.

A controlled environment helps prevent:

Warping, cracking and splitting

Rust, yellowing and corrosion

Mold, mildew and bacteria overgrowth

Infestation of wasps, mice, termites and other vermin

Open Monday-Friday 8-4

Additional Hours by Appointment

If you would like to reserve a Climate Control Storage Space or find out about our availability please give us a call at 631-653-0602.

You can also fill out the Call Back form today to find out about available storage spaces.

Helpful StorageTips

Make packing for storage easier on yourself by planning ahead. Start by listing all the items you're going to store and their approximate sizes. Also, gather up plenty of sturdy, corrugated cartons, packing paper, bubble wrap, sealing tape and marker pens, along with any furniture covers or shelving you intend to use in your storage unit.